Dramatic cuts

 Pablo G. Plant started his profession with his father, the unforgettable  Pablo G. del Amo Pablo Plant, one of the best editors of the Spanish movies, member of the  Hollywood Academy, National Prize of Cinematography, prizewinner with three Goyas.

   Since 1997 he concentrates activity in the advertising world inside and out of Spain and has worked with more than 50 directors, such as: Oliver Stone, Bjorn Amend, Tony Kaye, Carl Eric Rinsch, Sebastien Grousset, Paul Arden, Bruce St Clair, Fran Torres, Marcelo Burgos, Xavier Mairesse, Patrick Sherman, Cadmo Quintero, Eduardo Mclean, Daniel Azancot, Rebeca Díaz, Fernando de France, Jose Antonio Prat, Adrian Moat, Janos Deri, Hadi Shuaib, Mathias Hovgaard, Denis Rovira, John Grammatico, Jorge Rubia...





What our clients say 

New Art Miami: "New Art Miami recently signed award-winning international editor Pablo Plant to the one-stop editorial, VFX, color grading and audio house’s diverse roster of talent. Plant, whose work has received accolades from major festivals from Cannes to FIAP – has brought his original point of view, fresh artistic sensibility and wit to a long-roster of high-profile global spots".


Academia de Cine de España